“If you struggle with compulsive eating, here is my promise to you: I will show you how to lose your excess weight and keep it off permanently.” — Caryl Ehrlich, Conquer Your Food Addiction

Conquer Your Food Addiction

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Caryl Ehrlich

The author of Conquer Your Food Addiction, Caryl Ehrlich, answers reader questions. Don’t see your question asked by another reader? Consider submitting it, and you may see it posted soon!

Frequently Asked Question #9


Question: What does it mean when you say "If it’s not water it’s food"?

The phrase, if it’s not water it’s food is telling you it all counts. It all adds up. Eating opportunities enlarge, expand, blow up, accumulate, bulk up, multiply, mushroom, surge, and increase because this is a progressive […]

Frequently Asked Question #8


Question: You say all food should be eaten on a plate with utensils (fork, knife, spoon/chopsticks). Why?

When you eat with your fingers, you can sneak the food under your chin or around your ear, and you don’t see it. You’re not aware of the amount of food you’re eating […]

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No evil - girls

One component of addiction is denial. (Denial is a state of mind marked by a refusal or an inability to recognize and deal with a serious personal problem.) You might travel from thinking, I’m okay, I’m okay, I’m okay around food to, I’m not okay. Consistently eating more than you need, even though […]

Are You and Your Employees Gaining Weight?


If you or your employees are gaining weight, you may be a part of the problem.

Remember the days when you actually put on a hat and coat, waited for an elevator, and found a little grocery store selling crap food in the neighborhood?   At least then, you got a […]

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Podcast with Eric Dye of Entrepreneurially Fit Radio


Caryl recently did an interview with Eric Dyer for his podcast Entrepreneurially Fit Radio (on the Entrepreneur Podcast Network). They talked about her story, how The Program works, her plans for the future, and more! Eric's interview includes:

How does your book, Conquer Your Food Addiction, differ from other weight loss […]

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