Headshot I am Caryl Ehrlich, and I am a compulsive eater. And yet more than thirty-five years ago, I lost fifty pounds and never gained them back. I didn’t wake up one morning and weigh fifty pounds more than I wanted to weigh. Two pounds became five. Five became ten. And just when I was thrilled it wasn’t fifteen, it became twenty, thirty, and then fifty.

I couldn’t wear my rings because my fingers were so fat. Tuck-in blouses were renounced in favor of overtops. A button fell off a pair of pants, but I knew that even if I sewed the button back on, the pants would not fit. The button would not button; the zipper would not zip.

There was an illusion that if I made up my mind to stop eating, I could. But I couldn’t.

Looking unattractive and self-conscious was bad enough. But it was being out of control that was the scariest.

For nearly a decade, I suffered with that extra fifty pounds. I read hundreds of books and magazines on weight loss. In some, entire food groups were forbidden, as if opting for one food over another would do the trick. One book suggested only protein; another said no protein. They all said I could never have chocolate again. None of them covered my real world of working late, frequent restaurant eating, shortage of time, or the persistent stress of daily life. No one took into consideration who I was as a person. I thought to myself that there had to be a better way.

People without a food addiction think that with a little more determination, willpower, and self-control will make a difference. If I could rally it, why hadn’t I done so? I concluded that I had to change my eating habits. If habits are learned, I realized I could form new habits. I created a program for myself where I didn’t change the foods I ate; I changed my habits instead. I wanted to be able to eat real food in the real world without anyone realizing I was doing anything special.

The weight came off and I never gained it back.

This doesn’t mean I don’t feel lonely, tired, bored, angry, or frustrated any more. The difference now is that I don’t use food to change my mood. I now eat to feed the smaller person I’ve become.

When friends began seeking my advice, I started The Caryl Ehrlich Program, offering one-on-one personalized instruction. My private clients have lost thousands of pounds and kept them off. I provide training through a comprehensive 10 session program which is available in person or on the phone.

For those of you that prefer the do it yourself method, I have compiled all the information of The Program into a book and accompanying workbook. So let’s begin this journey today . . .

Onward and downward.

freeconsultation Caryl has had an extraordinary record of success with her program, helping countless food addicts curb their unhealthy habits and lose weight permanently. She has maintained this practice – one of the longest-running programs of its kind – for well over twenty-five years. She has also formerly hosted both a radio program and a television show, helping people to change their addictive habits. She lives and works in New York City.

Following Caryl Ehrlich’s step-by-step program in ‘Conquer Your Food Addiction’ is successful for a lot of people. But if you’re someone who needs one-on-one personal counseling to overcome your compulsive eating behaviors, Caryl is available for individual counseling, including unlimited e-mail correspondence between meetings. Whether you’re near Manhattan or located abroad, Caryl can provide personalized assistance. Contact her for a free consultation today.