Are You and Your Employees Gaining Weight?


If you or your employees are gaining weight, you may be a part of the problem.

Remember the days when you actually put on a hat and coat, waited for an elevator, and found a little grocery store selling crap food in the neighborhood?   At least then, you got a little fresh air while you walked a few blocks back to your office.

Then came the era of the coffee room.

With a Coffee Room, you’ll find your very own drug – (coffee, candy, cookies, soda, or chips) and that is 24 hours a day, rain or shine. It’s down the hall on the right. Who could resist? It’s so convenient.

If you or your employees are gaining weight, you may be a part of the problem.
 Not only does the purchaser order coffee tea and hot chocolate, but the purveyor now offers a smorgasbord of potato chips, (popcorn, nachos), and anything else that comes in a bag or box; there are numerous choices of soda in addition to flavored waters, juices,  and a variety of teas. Refrigerators contain ice cream, and yogurt among other foods. There are also vending machines in the coffee rooms which all contain candy and crunchy.

The year-end costs are in the thousands to tens of thousands of dollars in direct costs but even higher in employee’s lowered self-esteem, lower sales figures, higher blood pressure, deteriorating health, lack of energy, bad sleep patterns, shortness of breath, and a possible weight gain.

There’s a woman who went through my one-on-one Program, and she said that when there is food left in the conference room after a meeting in her office, top management makes sure that employees are notified by email that there is indeed wonderful food in the conference room, and to help yourself.

If there is an abundance of food available 24 hours a day and you can take it or leave it, that’s great. You’re lucky. But a lot of your employees can’t take or leave it. Some of your employees might be compulsive overeaters, food addicts, or just a guy (or a gal) who can’t say no. A compulsive overeater doesn’t have will power or self-control; those two things were surgically removed at birth.

What’s the answer?

Create a new Health and Wellness Program for everyone in the company or create an individual one for yourself. If you are creating this for a company, you can list on the company site all the upcoming challenges, so that employees can look forward to the next wellness activity.  If you are doing this for yourself, put your wellness goals directly into your calendar.

Week One for example could be to get people to hydrate , to drink 8-10 glasses of water each day, to sip not gulp, to sip water between sips of any other beverage, to order water in restaurants and to keep it at their desks. The first week could be that simple.  

You can be part of the problem or part of the solution. The choice is yours.

Week Two:  If safe, walk down two flights and up one. Put signs next to every elevator. Issue a pedometer to all employees. You can even put the company logo on each giveaway.  You can get everyone on a weekly walk whether in the office or in the streets. The government recommends 10,000 steps a day. You could start with a thousand steps and every week increase each person’s goal by 10% or whatever is agreed upon.

Other weeks might contain one no coffee day, one vegetarian lunch or dinner, and wine every other night. One week you could pay for dance lessons, perhaps three lessons; a nice treat. Another week you can make sure all meals are eaten with utensils that lasts at least thirty minutes.

If something isn’t in the coffee room, (or if the coffee room is closed), your employees will stop going in there. Order less of the foods that have increased in frequency since you started at the company.

You can be part of the problem or part of the solution. The choice is yours.

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Food Addiction Around the Holidays Frequently Asked Question #9
Food Addiction Around the Holidays
Frequently Asked Question #9

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