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Question: What do you mean by a behavioral approach to weight loss?

Many of the foods you choose are conditioned responses to previously eaten meals, i.e., this is how I eat at home; this is how I eat in a restaurant; this is how I eat when on vacation; this is how I eat when I’m working; this is how I eat when I drink.

For the food addicted, these ritualized eating patterns have been so practiced and perfected over mindless years of repetition that making up your mind to not eat (as you know well) is not enough.

However, if you alter those food-related thoughts, words and actions in small incremental steps, find new ways to cope with the ups and downs (and food seductions) of life, eventually the new way becomes the comfortable way, the preferred way and you will reach your goal and keep it off.

If you do the new way more than you do the old way, eventually the new way becomes the default setting.

The Ritual Of Food Addiction
The Ritual Of Food Addiction

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