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Question: Why is it helpful to differentiate between a physical hunger and an emotional hunger?

There’s only one reason to eat: Because you want to nourish your body. And if while you are eating, the food tastes good, looks good, or smells good, that’s a bonus. Satisfying physical hunger does not require a lot of food.

If you’re lonely, tired, bored, angry, overworked and underpaid, there is no amount of food large enough to satisfy an emotional hunger. An emotional hunger is something from which you’re trying to distract yourself. In the past you’ve used food. Now you have to find new ways to cope with the vicissitudes of life.

Since you cannot quell an emotional hunger with a physical substance (food, alcohol, drugs) is why you eat boxes of cookies, bags of chips, more than one coffee or alcohol, and cartons of ice cream. As mentioned in the movie “Lost Weekend” a bartender was telling an alcoholic customer (but it just as easily could be a foodoholic) who wanted one more drink: “One is too many and a thousand’s not enough”, said the bartender. That’s where the repatterning comes in.

You want to create a new way of thinking and acting around food. Habits are learned experiences. You learned what you’re doing and don’t like the outcome. You’ll learn something new and will like the outcome.

Then when you’re hungry, you’ll eat. But when you’re feeling any other emotion, you’ll learn to deal more directly with the problem so you don’t have to distract yourself with food. You’ll learn to do something else instead.

Frequently Asked Question #2 Podcast with Eric Dye of Entrepreneurially Fit Radio
Frequently Asked Question #2
Podcast with Eric Dye of Entrepreneurially Fit Radio

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