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Question:  Why does weight loss seem so difficult to achieve and maintain?

I think you may underestimate the power and entrenchment of the habits and rituals connected to eating and overeating. You may even be thinking I’ll do thus and such no matter how bizarre (anchovies and buttermilk, for example) because eventually I don’t have to do this anymore. A deprivational way of eating has a beginning, middle, and end.

You might be thinking I followed instructions and reached my goal and now I don’t have to do this anymore. Are you’re thinking you’ll stop doing what you were doing, the very things that helped you reach your goal in the first place. Those are habits too; Habits of erroneous thinking.

When your efforts stop, you’re progress stops. You end up reinforcing your old behavior once again.

The Caryl Ehrlich Program is not a diet. There is a beginning, and a middle, but there is no end. For the rest of your life you want to think speak and act in a way that helps you reach your goal and keep it off.

As you reinforce the new behaviors so they become the preferred behaviors, the new way becomes the comfortable way.

It’s not even about food. It’s about your inappropriate use of food.

When you learn to eat for the right reasons, you can eat anything – including real dessert. I insist on it. But the smaller you won’t need or want as much as you used to think you needed when you were feeding the bigger person you were. Then you can have your cake and eat it too. And keep off the weight.

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