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Question: You say all food should be eaten on a plate with utensils (fork, knife, spoon/chopsticks). Why?

When you eat with your fingers, you can sneak the food under your chin or around your ear, and you don’t see it. You’re not aware of the amount of food you’re eating because you may also be texting, typing, watching (TV, movie, YouTube), driving, and listening (radio, telephone). You don’t acknowledge the food. In your mind, it doesn’t exist. You’re mindless.

When eating with fork, knife, spoon, and chopsticks, you have to be aware or you could poke an eye out. When eating with utensils you are mindful, conscious, awake, and aware.

When you are mindful, you’ll always make a better choice. When mindful, you’ll remember what you ate so later, when you’re thinking of eating you’ll remember when you ate and what you ate and realize you’re not hungry but most likely bored, tired, sleepy or angry. And none of those are reasons to eat.

Frequently Asked Question #7 Food Addiction Around the Holidays
Frequently Asked Question #7
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