“If you struggle with compulsive eating, here is my promise to you: I will show you how to lose your excess weight and keep it off permanently.” — Caryl Ehrlich, Conquer Your Food Addiction

Conquer Your Food Addiction

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Caryl Ehrlich

The author of Conquer Your Food Addiction, Caryl Ehrlich, answers reader questions. Don’t see your question asked by another reader? Consider submitting it, and you may see it posted soon!

Frequently Asked Question #7


Question:  Why does weight loss seem so difficult to achieve and maintain?

I think you may underestimate the power and entrenchment of the habits and rituals connected to eating and overeating. You may even be thinking I’ll do thus and such no matter how bizarre (anchovies and buttermilk, for example) […]

Frequently Asked Question #6


Question:  You say you can lose weight and keep it off and still eat “real” desserts. Is this true?

Yes. You can eat real desserts (and real food) in the real world. When you’re eating because of emotions (sad, happy, frustrated), circumstances (because it was there, it’s free, it smells good), […]

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Food Addiction Around the Holidays


If you are a compulsive overeater, a binge eater, or a food addict, it becomes particularly problematic during the holidays where there is more food, more often, in more volume than usual. If there’s a holiday to celebrate, can food be far behind? You can’t take for granted that you will handle […]

Is Your Weight up Because The Stock Market is Down?


When the stock market goes down does your weight go up?

Do you eat because of stress, tension, anxiety, and pressure? Have financial woes given you additional reasons to eat when you’re not hungry?

If you've lost your job or your company is downsizing, you may have time on your […]

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