Omron HJ322U Downloadable Activity Monitor




  • HJ-322U pedometer
  • Lithium battery
  • Holder
  • Instructional manual

Product Description

Combining all the activity-enhancing features of tri-axis technology with, the HJ-322U USB pedometer provides an engaging and information-driven way to improve one’s health. is accessible & viewable on PC & Mac laptops/desktops and is viewable on tablets and smartphones. When you connect the HJ-322U to, you’ll be able to view your trends, track your goals and stay motivated as you improve your personal fitness.


  • Omron Tri-Axis Technology : Position your pedometer where it’s most comfortable – on your hip, in a pocket or bag
  • Connect product via USB and automatically upload data; no monthly fee required
  • Tracks Two Kinds of Steps: The HJ-322U tracks both regular and aerobic (i.e. brisk) steps separately
  • Tracks Daily Distance and Calories Burned: For better health tracking
  • Automatic Reset: Start with a clean slate each day to track your steps more accurately
  • Weekly Log: Displays up to 7 days of information; resets to zero at midnight so you’re ready to go every morning
  • 22-Day Activity Storage: Download up to 22 days of information
  • Four Tracking Modes: Track steps, aerobic “brisk” steps, calories and distance


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