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Frequently Asked Question #7


Question:  Why does weight loss seem so difficult to achieve and maintain?

I think you may underestimate the power and entrenchment of the habits and rituals connected to eating and […]

Frequently Asked Question #6


Question:  You say you can lose weight and keep it off and still eat “real” desserts. Is this true?

Yes. You can eat real desserts (and real food) in the real […]

Frequently Asked Question #4


Question: Why is a wide variety of food helpful to losing weight?

If you eat the same thing every day, tuna-fish for example, after the first few bites you’re thinking, yes, […]

Podcast with Eric Dye of Entrepreneurially Fit Radio


Caryl recently did an interview with Eric Dyer for his podcast Entrepreneurially Fit Radio (on the Entrepreneur Podcast Network). They talked about her story, how The Program works, her plans […]

Frequently Asked Question #3


Question: Why is it helpful to differentiate between a physical hunger and an emotional hunger?

There’s only one reason to eat: Because you want to nourish your body. And if while you […]

Frequently Asked Question #2


Question: If all I eat are salads and diet soda, how come I still can’t lose weight? Could coffee, tea, and diet foods contribute to weight gain? They have no calories.


Frequently Asked Question #1


Question: What do you mean by a behavioral approach to weight loss?

Many of the foods you choose are conditioned responses to previously eaten meals, i.e., this is how I eat […]