Kathy L.
25 years old, Law School Graduate
Lost 69 pounds

“I’m only 25 years old and spent a majority of my life struggling with my weight. I’ve tried hundreds of diets. I did almost everything that came in and out of fashion and sometimes they even worked but nothing ever stuck. I just wanted to be a normal person who didn’t obsess over her next meal. I was like a drug addict searching for a fix. Then I found The Caryl Ehrlich Program and everything changed. The Program is not a diet – it’s learning an entirely new set of habits and learning to let go of old self-destructive behaviors in favor of new positive ones. I learned how to eat in order to fuel my body, not for stress relief to numb my emotions or for any reason other than simple hunger. Caryl Ehrlich gave me my life back because she taught me how to stop focusing on food as my cure-all solution and focus on actually living life and doing the things I enjoy. Food is no longer my obsession. It no longer controls me or my actions. I am happy, I am healthy, and I owe all of it to The Caryl Ehrlich Program.”



Abraham E.
66 years old, Owner of prominent law firm
Lost 60 pounds

“Caryl Ehrlich changed my life. I lost 60 pounds following her program over a year and a half ago and, unlike many earlier attempts at weight loss, I’ve kept the weight off.  She opened my eyes to the fact that we eat more out of habit than hunger, and far too much more food than we need to survive or enjoy.  Her program teaches you how to think, plan and in the end take control over the quantity and quality of your food intake. I recommend her program totally.”



Frederick J.
24 years old, Graduate Student
Lost 44 pounds

“When I first met Caryl Ehrlich I had been overweight for over ten years and had grown used to the idea of being unable to change the situation. Any program by itself is simply words on paper. It takes a real teacher to make the lessons stick, to help you figure out how and why they are worthwhile to you and what you need to do to keep to them. Caryl Ehrlich is the heart and soul of her Program, bringing a supportive, patient atmosphere while still pulling people along to better and better choices. She is already to hear a positive story yet she is also always about improvement and finding the areas you slip up and making sure you understand how and why – not to accuse but to teach. Life is a learning exercise to which we must constantly adapt, and Caryl takes that attitude with The Program. Love yourself, celebrate the moments you succeed and stay mindful of the pitfalls that could happen – but don’t dwell on them. She brings this attitude to every meeting and teaches you to carry it out of her office and into the world, for without it success is that much more difficult. Today I’m grateful for having undergone Caryl’s lessons, and for doing The Program. I know that it will still take more work until I can truly call these new methods habits, but I am well on my way with new lightness in my heart and around my waist.”



Emanuel J.
50 years old, Owner of a Real Estate Development company
Lost 38 pounds

“Caryl’s program is terrific!  I’ve struggled with food and weight issues my entire life, and thought that I tried everything, and failed — until I met Caryl. Her program is truly unique. It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle. Caryl becomes your coach as you learn to eat correctly and shed those unwanted pounds. She has helped everyone in my family, and I recommend her and her program to anyone serious about shedding weight, and living healthily.” 



Brian J.
63 years old, Top Executive of a Department Store Chain
Lost 45 pounds

“The Program is the best thing I ever did in my life. It changed me forever. I am so lucky I met Caryl. The Program is not a diet; it is a way of life. You never think of food in the same way again. The Program is simple. You can maintain a normal life and still keep your weight in check. More important than weight loss, Caryl helps you to understand yourself better and the reasons why you eat. She knows the pain of not being able to “take off your jacket” or “the fear of a summer party invitation” and “what to wear.” The Program gives you the confidence to know that you can do it.”



Lana J.
42 years old, Entrepreneur

“The Caryl Ehrlich Program is unlike any other program because I could eat everything prepared any way. The only exclusion is that no diet foods are allowed. The Program is very doable. I could eat anywhere and no one would know that I was doing anything special. I think this worked for me because The Program is a solid behavioral approach with suggestions for many different food-related situations from which I could choose what specifically worked for me. Caryl offers strategies, encouragement, applause; she’s always following up and counts the smallest victory to highlight how far I’ve come. She corrects my negative thinking, puts a positive spin on it and then my actions improve. The food-log evaluation is an invaluable tool to show me what works and what needs work. Caryl’s Program is not about deprivation with lists of what not to eat. Caryl talks about slowing down when eating, eating only when hungry, using utensils when eating, and staying present to what I put in my mouth. She explains frequency and portion sizes for the smaller person I am and makes it all palatable. Everyone gains or loses a few pounds occasionally. The difference with me now is that I’ve learned how to get that weight back to the exact number I like it to be. The bottom line: I lost the weight 20 years ago and have kept it off through numerous eating challenges.”



Felicia M.
50 years old, Real Estate executive
Lost 30 pounds

“In the middle of August 2008, I visited my doctor complaining of malaise, stomach pains and overall fatigue. Following a perfect physical report, my doctor forced me to step on the scale. It had been years since I dared to weigh myself, only acknowledging weight gain through the fit of my clothing. Much to my shock, I was at least 30 pounds over my goal weight! My doctor gave me the name of Caryl Ehrlich, who ten years ago helped the doctor’s wife lose 20 pounds which to this day she kept off. Caryl’s program just made sense! Caryl taught me how to eat smarter without ever having to deprive myself of any of my favorite foods.  By learning how to eat slower and confronting my addiction, I changed my eating patterns! In only a few months, I’m 30 pounds lighter and feel confident, attractive and am enjoying my new life. Instead of dreading getting dressed in the morning, I relish it. I can now wear a belt, button down blouses even my “skinny” jeans. I can’t thank Caryl enough for helping me change my life.”



Warren K.
67 years old, CEO of a Law Firm

 “The Program changed my life.  Before I’d always been in the Yo-Yo weight mode, constantly going up and down and usually ending up higher than when I started.  With The Program, for the first time I was given a strategy about how to eat, not just what (and what not) to eat.  Now I eat anything I want to, I just don’t do it all the time and without structure the way I did before.  Caryl taught me that if I change my behavior, the food I eat will follow and weight loss will be the natural result.  It was almost easy – 25 pounds lost in three months and I felt fabulous and not deprived.  The Program changed my whole approach to food, which makes it possible for me to cope with any situation – a buffet, a big dessert table, an opulent cocktail party – and come away satisfied and comfortable.  All my life, whenever I’ve been on a diet (which has been most of the time) I’ve always intoned the mantra – “I’m not on a diet, I’m pursuing a way of life” – but it was never true before now.   Before my diets were all about controlling my eating, instead of being about structuring my eating.  The first is all about deprivation, the second is all about organization – have whatever you want to, but have it at the right time, in the right way and in the right amount.”